Axe PI is a firm of Industrial Property Attorneys.

The profession of Patent Attorneyis regulated by the Intellectual Property Code.

The Patent Attorney – also called Conseil en Propriété Industrielle in French (CPI) or Patentanwalt in German – is a dual-competence expert in a technical field as well as patent law.

They are an independent professional, engineer, and/or lawyer with a specialised legal degree and must possess:
– A national legal, scientific, technical, or equivalent post-graduate degree
– A diploma delivered by the International Centre for IP Studies (CEIPI), or a recognised equivalent
– Adherence to the prescribed conditions of these diplomas and of professional practice, along with at least three years professional practice
– Successful completion of a professional aptitude exam, or eight years of professional practice under the responsibility of a person qualified in the field of intellectual property

Subject to also demonstrating good moral characteristics, meeting these conditions entitles the candidate to be added to the list of those qualified in matters of intellectual property.

Once accepted on this list, qualified persons may then decide to either follow their careers in business or industry, or they may elect to become a CPI, working exclusively for a specialist professional practice.

Those wishing to pursue this second option must then also register on the official list of CPIs and must become members of the CNCPI*.

Our dual competence as patent attorneys, both technically and in patent law, allows us to draft the patent applications for our clients and subsequently supervise the process until their patents are granted and/or expire.

Axe PI has locations in Paris-Saclay and in the Nice Côte d’Azur area.

The Paris-Saclay research and business cluster is the flagship project of the Greater Paris region, inspired by Silicon Valley. The concentration of large groups and innovative SMEs, combined with world-class universities, make Paris-Saclay one of the eight most important innovation centers in the world.

Axe PI’s offices are located near the three busiest airports in France.

This proximity allows direct connections to major French, European and international cities, thus providing quick access to major institutions (INPI, EPO, WIPO, Tribunal judiciaire de Paris), to our partners, and our clients.

Axe PI is focused on the development of innovation.

Our main objective is to listen to the different actors of innovation in the field of patents and to meet their needs by assisting them predominantly on a legal level.

We assist independent inventors as well as universities, research laboratories, start-ups, technology transfer companies and innovative companies in identifying their inventive projects and protecting their associated rights.

We have also extended our competences to other fields, such as artificial intelligence, mechanics, electronics, electromagnetism, renewable energies, nuclear energy, medical instrumentation, computer science, and sensors, by drawing on the expertise of other senior patent engineers who are leaders in their fields.

Axe PI represents its clients before the French National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), the European Patent Office (EPO) and the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). We have also developed a network of international local agents to promote and extend the protection of our clients’ rights.

Axe PI is a member of the Compagnie Nationale des Conseils en Propriété Industrielle (CNCPI) and is subject to the ethical rules of the Intellectual Property Code. We are independent, respect confidentiality and professional secrecy, and are always careful to avoid any conflict of interest.

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Technical fields :

Life Sciences – Cell Biology – Molecular Biology – Endocrinology – Immunology – Microbiology – Biotechnology – Bioengineering – Pharmacy – Pharmacology – Human and Veterinary Medicine – Drugs- Therapeutic treatments – Human and Animal Health – First and Second Therapeutic Indications – Diagnosis – Pharmaceuticals – Cosmetology – Vegetal Extraction – Flavours – Fragrances – Cosmetics – Pharmafood – Nutraceuticals – Food Science – Phytopharmacology – Chemistry – Organic and Mineral Chemistry – Polymer Chemistry